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Supporting JETRO at IN:FUSE 2016 event

IN:FUSE made its debut in Singapore in 2016 and was organised by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) as part of their continued efforts to promote safe and healthy food for export. The event itself is an exclusive F&B industry event showcasing produce from 10 Japanese suppliers of fresh produce, processed food and condiments from Japan.

IN:FUSE saw the participation of 10 Japanese food suppliers from different Japanese prefectures, looking to explore partnerships in Singapore. The event is so named as it will feature renowned chefs Liu Ching Hai, Executive Chef of Summer Palace and Giuseppe D’Angelo, brand chef of CulinaryOn, whipping up delectable creations that will fuse Japanese ingredients into their traditional style of cooking.

With a continuous increase in popularity of Japanese cuisine in Singapore, strong demand for fresh produce and processed foods and condiments from Japan is expected. Moreover, the vibrant dining scene here also allows for more experimentation with cross-cultural fusion creations, thereby opening up more opportunities to import safe and premium food products from Japan.

Spoonful supported the event with PR services, event coordination & management as well as preparing a buffet spread for guests.