Seminar Instructor & Editorial Contribution

01 講師役

Our trained seminar speaker has experience in being a JETRO Coordinator, export workshop speaker, study group speaker for the LDP and for the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries respectively. She also conducts sales consultations and study sessions on topics regarding export to Singapore. Besides the above, comprehensive study sessions on food exports to Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia) can be conducted. Please contact us if you would like to study about the local governments, chambers of commerce, universities, vocational schools, and others, in Singapore.

02 記事

☑シンガポールの飲食事情 ☑シンガポールの農林水産事情 ☑シンガポールのプラントベース事情 ☑世界のプラントベース事情 等、ご相談下さい。