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We provide a suite of marketing services and solutions.

Events Management
We support events from planning to execution.

  • Planning
  • Exhibition support
  • Event venue arrangements
  • Event Coordination & Operation


Marketing Solutions
We offer marketing & promotional services to clients including Public Relations support.

  • Marketing Plans (objective & strategic planning)
  • Digital & Social Media marketing
  • Advertising & Media buys
  • Press Release & Media invitations (creation & distribution), media events (support & execution)


Market Research / Development of Sales Channels
Using our extensive network, we help businesses, foreign clients in particular, to analyze the local market and set up business networking & business matching opportunities in preparation for their brand to gain entry into Singapore. We also support local clients with market research surveys for new product launches.

  • Conduct or support in market research surveys
  • Round Table Discussion, Questionnaire based surveys or Secret Shopper sessions.
  • Networking & Business Matching


Recipe Creation
We develop menus for clients looking to create something new with their food products. We specialize not only in Japanese food for Japanese companies but also a wide range of recipes can be produced according to needs

  • Recipe production · Menu development
  • Food styling, food photography


Cooking Classes & Workshops
Under our brand Spoonful, we create & conduct culinary lessons. These not only come in the form of periodic standard classes but also corporate tie-ups & private events.

  • Cooking class management
  • Cooking event · food promotion event implementation
  • In addition to planning and managing events, we will make events and projects successful with marketing methods that are appropriate for the local market. Please leave the market research and promotional work to us.


Interpretation & Translation
We offer interpretation and translation services for Japanese, English & Chinese language