Hyogo Prefecture Event 2017

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Supporting Hyogo Prefecture at their debut event promoting popular agricultural, forestry and fishery products.

After rounds of successful promotions in Hong Kong, the EU and even the Middle East, Japane Hyogo prefecture prefecture chose Singapore as its first stop to expand their reach into the South East Asia region; by holding a month-long F&B campaign to introduce its local products to Singaporeans. Hyogo Prefecture aims to introduce at least 23 different Prefectural products from 14 Hyogo agricultural, forestry and fishery suppliers in efforts to meet the ever growing demands for Japanese food and raise the profile of Japanese cuisine and culture around the world. Targeting the Food & Beverage industry, the campaign kicks off with a one-day exclusive opening event at Pixy, Bar & Cuisine on Wednesday 22 November 2017, followed by a restaurant fair where by customers can enjoy a specially drawn up Hyogo menu for 1 month at Pixy Bar & Cuisine.

Spoonful supported the event with PR services, event coordination & management.