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The Story:

Savour approached Spoonful looking to create original recipes for their feature article on Bento and Donburi, titled “Boxed Up” and “Donburi Bowls” respectively. Spoonful got to work discussing with our instructors on creating a master piece that not only satisfies the appetite but also achieve an appealing cosmetic outlook. The demands of building a classic Japanese bento can be a taunting task. One not only need to incorporate various elements for variety but also need to balance the flavours and nutritional value of the food chart, all working within the constraints of a tiny lunch box.

Here, feel free to browse through our behind-the-scene shots of creating and shooting these recipes .

For Savour Magazine (July – August 2017 issue)

Savour is a premium food and lifestyle magazine published for Cold Storage, Singapore’s oldest established supermarket operator. Savour’s readers are professionals and families who appreciate quality, have discerning tastes and a preference for the good life. They have a keen interest in food and cooking, and are always on the lookout for new, seasonal or interesting products or ingredients.